Cold Sore On the Nose – How to Treat and Prevent Nose Cold Sore

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Have a cold sore on the nose? Want to get rid of it? Want to stop it from bothering you again? All the answers will be found after you read this article. Cold sore is a common skin disease that occurs on various places on your body, including the nose. It’s caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) while type 2 of this virus (HSV-2) is related with genital herpes.

How to treat the cold sore on the nose

Though normally the sore will disappear without any medication, having a cold sore on the nose is very embarrassing for most people. There are some mainstream prescriptions for cold sore but they are capable more at shortening the period by a day or so than working really effectively. Here are some nature and home treatments that can work better for you. These methods have been proved by many people who have cold sore troubles, but because they are not officially approved by FDA, you should consult your doctor before applying them.

First I’ll recommend petroleum jelly (the higher concentration, the better). It’s such a simple and inexpensive remedy that many people may doubt before using it. Since it’s no harm to your skin, why not have a try? Dab small amount of petroleum jelly on your sore will make it moisturized and prevent it from cracking out which is painful. It also accelerates the healing process.

Next treatment is about the diet. We have the knowledge that diet affects the health. In this case, you should eat more food that contains lysine, such as fish, yogurt, vegetable, cheese, beans. Avoid eating chocolate, nuts, gelatin, oats, etc. that contains arginine. Lysine will shorten the duration of the outbreak and help prevent it from occurring at the first place (Unfortunately, the sore may occur at another place later). You can take lysine supplement as alternative which is available at local drug store.

Another simple and wonderful remedy for cold sore is witch hazel. Apply it on the infected site with a cotton ball or q-tip as frequently as possible. It will shorten the healing process and prevent the blister from spreading to other parts of your body.

Taking vitamin C is also helpful to the trouble. Vitamin C can boost the immune system, so it’s best to take the supplement at the beginning of the cold sore outbreak. If you miss that time, you can still take it as it can reduce the cold sore duration. Also, food that rich in vitamin C such as orange, kiwi, lemon and broccoli can be taken as alternatives.

How to prevent the cold sore on the nose

Knowing the spread of the cold sore is the first and the most important thing to deal with it. You must avoid close contact with someone who has cold sore or carries HSV (If someone has had cold sore before, he/she is a carrier).

You must make up your mind to eat healthy diet from now on, keep away from the arginine-rich food that can help the growth of the cold sore. I know it’s not easy to do because some people don’t just want to give up favorite food. But when you realize that healthy food doesn’t mean tasting bad, I believe you will finally know the benefit.

Stress and fatigue is the common trigger of the cold sore. Especially for someone who works under huge pressure, spend time to relax and rest is very important. Impossible to do? Listening to light music for half hour every day, rearrange your schedule to make sure you sleep at least 7 hours a day really are not very hard and can be a good beginning.


I’m sure these tips above will help you a lot to treat and prevent cold sore on the nose once you suffer. But because cold sore is a recurrent problem, it’s be much better if there is a way to stop it from bothering you in the future. I’d like to introduce you one of the best cold sore doctors Derek Shepton, who used to be a 12-year cold sore sufferer but has found an effective way recently that can cure cold sore easily and make it NEVER come back again. Want to get your confidence and appearance back? Click the link for more information:

Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions.

Cold Sore Free Forever

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  1. I visit every day some blogs and sites to read content,
    except this blog gives quality based content.


  2. Posted by Karen on 01/19/2013 at 9:09 AM

    I just used coconut oil on my cold sore after the blister broke and it healed in half the time. I’ve suffered with cold sore fore many years and the coconut oil releaved the pain and sealed it from the air.


  3. Sorry to hear about your cold sore! I’ve tried so many things, from abreva to zinc supplements… They just don’t seem to do the trick. The biggest trigger for me is stress and learning to deal with that has reduced my outbreaks dramatically! Hope your’s heals quickly!


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