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7 Tips to Help You Get Rid of A Cold Sore

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Cold sore is a contagious disease that caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). It often happens around and in your mouth. There are many ways people get infected by this virus, such as sharing eating utensils or using same razor with infected people or kissing them. Then the virus will easily make its way to the nerves and stay quiet in your body waiting for a trigger causeing an outbreak. Common cold sore triggers include: mental stress, deep sadness, strong sunlight, cold wind, emotional upset, fatigue, injury on the infected area, Menstruation, etc. When the HSV-1 is activated, the cold sore will appear. The painful, tingling and itchy feeling will follow the self-healing process of cold sore. Besides, imaging there is a blister or sore around your mouth when you meet friends, lovers, co-workers in your daily life, I guess you can’t feel more embarrassed right? It’s the most common reason why people are so eager to find out how to get rid of a cold sore fast. You don’t want to wait 7 to 10 days for the cold sore to be healed by itself.

Now I will share 7 tips to help you get rid of a cold sore.

Tip #1. Don’t pick, pinch, squeeze, or even touch the cold sore: Sounds easy, right? But it’s hard to do for many people who can’t endure the itchy, tingling sense. The best way to do it is focus your mind on something else such as work, TV, music. Because if the sore is broken, there will be a further infection that make the situation even worse.

Tip #2. Use petroleum jelly: When you have cold sore, you may feel dry on the infected area. Petroleum jelly will moisturize your skin and keep the sore from drying. This is an inexpensive way heal the sore faster and better.

Tip #3. More lysine, no arginine: The virus needs arginine to create new ones. On the contrast, the lysine will stop it from reproducing. I think you already know what to do, right? You can eat more high lysine foods like fish, yogurt, vegetable, cheese while avoid high arginine foods like nuts, chocolates, gelatin, oats.

Tip #4. Taking Vitamin C: Vitamin C is well known as an immune system booster. When taking it, your white blood cells will be activated and function as an antiviral production to kill the HSV-1. It’s widely used to fight diseases including the cold sore. Often eating natural providers like kiwi, strawberry, parsley, orange, pineapple is the most natural and healthy way to supply Vitamin C to your body.

Tip #5. Ice: Applying ice is one of the most effective methods to help you get rid of a cold sore. Just wrap an ice cube and put it on your infected area as soon as the syndrome comes out. By using this, ice can reduce the metabolism of the HSV-1 and push the virus back into dormancy. You should not use it too long to cause frostbite.

Tip #6. Less exposure under the sun: Just like some hibernating animals will wake up in the sunlight, so as the HSV-1. Sunlight will not only activate the virus, but also can make the sore crack which is really painful. To avoid this, you can use a sun block especially with SPF 15. There are many brands on the market, choose the one that suits you the best.

Tip #7. Taking acidophilus: Study shows that acidophilus will help soothe the blister and accelerate the healing process. You can buy acidophilus capsules in drug store or online. Take four capsules 3 times a day with milk. Using this remedy when you feel pain and itching will prevent your skin from lesion.


I’m sure these tips above will help you a lot to get rid of a cold sore once you suffer it. But because cold sore is a recurrent problem, it’s be much better if there is a way to stop it from bothering you in the future. I’d like to introduce you one of the best cold sore doctors Derek Shepton, who used to be a 12-year cold sore sufferer but has found an effective way recently that can cure cold sore easily and make it NEVER come back again. Want to get your confidence and appearance back? Click the link for more information:

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